We provide low-cost psychological support to those who need it.


Aragens d'Empatia Association.


“The principle aim of psychotherapy is not to transport one to an impossible state of happiness, but to help the client acquire steadfastness and patience in the face of suffering.” 

– Carl Jung

Available for



Anxiety, self-esteem, depression, anger, stress, relationships, grief, lack of meaning … or maybe just a safe place to talk… If you feel the need for support, our service will help you take care of your mind-body-soul.


Teen-hood can be a very hard time to deal with. It can also be a great staring point to ask for help!


Our services also include therapy for children. Learning difficulties, self-regulation techniques, healthy development, and providing all the attention needed.


Junior Psychologist

(fifteen euros)

Senior Psychologist

(thirty euros)

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to share my income in order to access these services?

No. There will be no questions asked regarding this topic.

Why so cheap?

Our association Aragens d’Empatia has a mission - being able to reach ALL!

Is what going on in each session confidential?

Yes. All therapists must follow the psychologist’s code of conduct.

Do you pass a receipt?

Yes. Receipts for psychology services may be added to your IRS.

Do I need to live in the area?

No. The service will be in Carnaxide or Oeiras, if you can move there will be no impediment. We are also available for online sessions!

What are junior and senior psychologists?

Junior psychologists are psychologists doing their professional internship with the OPP (Portuguese Psychologists' order), whose quality of service is guaranteed by the supervision of more experienced psychologists. Senior psychologists are more experienced psychologists and already fully registered by the OPP.

Is there a psychology service that you wont supply?

Yes. The Service is more geared towards psychological counseling, there are services that require specialization (eg psychoanalysis) that will not be provided, and psychological assessment reports are also not included in the low-cost service.

Also available:

  • Online Counseling
  • Sessions of Mindfulness
  • Meditation Sessions


Senior and junior psychologists

Av. Portugal (near Centro Cívico de Carnaxide)


912 646 617

Senior and junior psychologists

Saldanha (at Instituto Superior Técnico)


912 646 617

Senior psychologists.

Oeiras (near the Train Station)

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